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  Lukas Doerr 3f3afef40d fixed Animitation shoot 1 year ago
  Maximilian Gold c2be377a92 Solved error of not removing cups after the 7th cup. Winner function was reworked, draw funktion was removed. 1 year ago
  Maximilian Gold 3a30e2a597 Changed Background Picture for dark mode compatablility, Keys were changed back to 4qwer 3asd 2yx 1c. The throwing positions were adjusted to the cups. 1 year ago
  Lukas Doerr ef2a5d55db Remove Cups properly 1 year ago
  Lukas Doerr 9e7279ebd4 Newest Version 1 year ago
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  Maximilian Gold 4f8071fffe Uploaded the base of the project the working demo of CH1 Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5 1 year ago
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